John Rosselli Antiques Logo

Fifty years ago John Rosselli opened his first shop in New York City and it immediately became a destination for those in the world of design and decoration. His name has since come to represent affordable antiques with a decorative, even whimsical sense of style that help create distinctive rooms you can actually live in.

Originally trained as a decorative painter, John has a special affinity for painted finishes. He feels that the artistry in a painted scene or hand-applied surface creates a connection between the craftsman and owner that elevates a piece of furniture beyond its functional value. The artifact creates a relationship, and through its choosing becomes an element of the new owner’s personal story.

Complementing his love of painted surfaces is his appreciation for blue and white ceramics. That combination of colors is invariably “happy” and reminiscent of the sea. From a design perspective, blue and white ceramics also add a shot of color that enlivens virtually any decorating scheme.

What John loves most, however, is shopping. When asked if it’s true that he buys something every day, John will only smile. In any case, frequent buying trips to Europe and throughout the world keep his shops full of unique and artfully chosen inventory. And it all works together…the result of a connoisseur’s expertise in selecting pieces from different cultures and eras that share a similar sensibility.

John Rosselli offers antiques in two showrooms, one in New York and one in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC.

Please visit our website often as our inventory changes constantly, and we would love to see you in our showrooms as well. Though you may not see John each time you visit due to his buying excursions, please be assured that one of our professionally-trained staff will be happy to help you find the distinctive pieces you need for your projects.